The state will help the Russians to transfer vehicles to natural gas

Государство поможет россиянам переводить автомобили на газ

The state can begin to pay subsidies to motorists who decide to shift their transport to the gas.

However, while this proposal is contained only in the draft reprogramme “Development of motor fuel market”. According to the document, subsidies are offered to give the owners of cars and trucks, and both to private traders and companies engaged in transportation. Also, the budget can support the purchase of bi-fuel transportation for various state services.

The owners of the cars, decided to change petrol to gas, can get up to 27 000 when the equipment is 90 000 rubles. Through the conversion of light commercial vehicles the maximum subsidy will amount to 48 000 rubles. 63 000 and 111 000 rubles you can get on the gas installation for buses up to 8 m over 8 m, respectively. The truck stands out of 114 000 rubles, and the main tractors – 147 000 rubles. These state subsidies will be possible to transport less than 5 years of when the transfer of methane. Installation running on LPG under the state support did not fall, as this mixture is considered to be polluting.