The state will return another misappropriated land

Государству вернут еще один незаконно присвоенный земельный участок

Bodies of Prosecutor’s office of the Nikolaev area in favour of the return of the state forestry Fund land of the pine tracts, “October”, located on the Bank of the Bugsky estuary. About it reported in Prosecutor’s office of the Nikolaev area, reports

“April 1, 2019 of the Ship district court of Nikolaev the next city satisfied the claim of the Nikolaev local Prosecutor’s office No. 2 of the return of land tracts “October” a total area of 0.1 hectares worth over 200 thousand UAH to the state property”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the plot of decisions of the Nikolaev city Council illegally transferred to private property for construction and future maintenance of the houses without their withdrawal in the manner prescribed by law with continuous using of GP “Nikolaev forestry” and in the absence of harmonization of the Nikolaev regional management forest and hunting economy.

Responding to violations, the Prosecutor filed a lawsuit, on the consideration that the illegal decision of the city Council canceled, invalidated the state act on the ownership of land and claimed it property of the state.

In General, the courts granted 76 claims of the prosecution on return to state property the state forestry Fund land of the pine tracts “October” a total area more than 7 hectares with a value of over UAH 14 million.

As previously reported, the decision of the Economic court of Kyiv, which satisfied the claim of capital Prosecutor’s office in interests of the state on the taking of land worth more than 37 million UAH on the street, left unchanged.

Also in the Dnipropetrovsk region, the intervention of the Prosecutor’s office returned to the state land worth over UAH 1.2 million, which the district administration issued in use on the basis of fictitious documents.