The store owner, who with an ax hacked the window, demanded compensation

Владелец магазина, которому топором изрубили витрину, потребовал компенсации

The visitor is not receiving a bottle of vodka besplatno, very offended by the store owner and went home with the axe. After that, he rushed into the room and began to destroy everything.

It happened on December 14 last year in the village Azov. The grocery store came from a local resident who approached the owner with a request to give him a bottle of vodka for free. Having been refused, the man left, but after a while returned with the axe.

He swore at the shopkeeper and began to cut with an axe the counter and refrigeration showcase. After the handle of the axe broke, rowdy left the scene, and the victim called the police. Militiamen brought criminal case under article 296 UK of Ukraine (hooliganism). The amount of material damage amounted to 20.8 thousand.

In aprelevsky district court examined the case and sentenced the culprit. For the offense, the man received 1.5 years of prison with suspension of sentence for the year.

However, the bully was in no hurry to compensate the owner of the shop the damage. Since that time he has not paid a penny.

Therefore, the victim approached the court with a civil claim for the recovery of material and moral damages. In addition to the 20.8 thousand damages to his property, the man demanded 10 thousand for moral damages. He justified it to those that felt this way about anxiety, depression and fear.

The court satisfied the claim of the owner of the store, reducing the amount of non-pecuniary damage to the 5 thousand.

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