The story of the looting of the Ukrainian ships, which returned to Russia

История разграбление украинских кораблей, которые вернула Россия

Around the return of Ukrainian ships, captured a year ago in the Kerch Strait, turned the whole information epic.

In Ukraine began to spread information about what the Russians withdrew with ships of all equipment including toilets, sockets and lampshades from lamps.

While photos and video of the looting were not yet filed. In Russia also published a video which showed that inside the ships is all right.

What really happened to “Berdyansk”, “Nikopol” and “Yana Kapu” – understood Country.

Lost “fecal system”

Yesterday the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky personally met the ships, which for more than a year were in Russia, after the incident in the Kerch Strait. On the night of 21 November he attended a naval base in Ochakovo the Nikolaev area and confirmed that the vessel is delivered without any military equipment.

First called at the port small armored boat “Nikopol”, followed by – “Berdyansk” and the tug “Yana-Kapu”.

“I am glad that our military boats on the spot. What we saw really lacking equipment part, not enough of the weapons. I saw the condition. There will be an investigation. We will see all the details,” said Zelensky. In this regard, he promised to investigate and appealed to Moscow demanding the return of the missing.

He also promised that the ships for three months will return to duty.

Status returned to the ships, said the commander-in-chief of the Navy Igor Voronchenko.

According to him, the ships returned “nothing”.

“The Russians ruined. Even took off the shades, sockets and toilets. So we are now going to show the world the barbaric attitude of the Russians to this” – said Voronchenko.

A report on the status of the tug “Yana Kapu” and armored “Nikopol” and “Berdyansk” he wrote on his page in Facebook the former chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios.

So, according to the inventory, which led Matios, on the boat “Nikopol” among the missing and damaged property: weapons and ammunition, the station space communications, IRIDIUM, three radio stations Harris, Motorola radio, four radio stations ICOM and Furuno radar.

No inflatable boats, fire extinguishers, instruments of recognition, lamps lighting, emergency beacon, stoves and toilets. From the weapons remained only a 30-millimeter gun mount.

On “Berdyansk” a similar situation: bronirovka and the engine broken shells, damaged left engine. And there is no “fecal system.”

For “Yana Kapu” broken all the equipment running in the cockpit, no fuel equipment, missing electrical outlet and the ceiling, in the engine room – a hole filled with plaster with a sliding stop.

However, from the photo released by Matios, it is unclear what exactly was stolen.

And in the photo published by the press service of the Navy, no trace of the disappearance of the toilets and other things, what he was talking about in Ukraine. The ships inside are generally not shown.

“Ukraine has wasted the court.” Russia’s Reaction

FSB of Russia has denied stealing anything from the courts stating that if there is something and disappeared, only after the ships were transferred to the Ukrainian side.

“If the transit time from the coast of the Crimea to Ochakov Ukrainian side managed to ruin the court and to bring the plumbing to improper state, it is a problem for the Ukrainian side,” – said in the service.

История разграбление украинских кораблей, которые вернула Россия

История разграбление украинских кораблей, которые вернула Россия

История разграбление украинских кораблей, которые вернула Россия

История разграбление украинских кораблей, которые вернула Россия

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