The student mysteriously disappeared in Kiev: “he disappeared after talking with mom” photos

Школьник таинственно исчез в Киеве: "пропал после разговора с мамой", фото

In Kiev sounding the alarm because innezapno the disappearance of 14-year-old

This is stated in the report, which was published in Facebook-community”, Kiev operative”.

According to the mother of a teenager, the child left home at 18:00 last night and still not back.

“Urgent. I lost my son Ivan Taranenko, 14, Obolon district Zoe Gaidai. I told him for the lessons he left at 18:00 and still have not returned,” she wrote.

She also noted that the searches of the child have already joined the police.

“He is from home, not walking at all. Friends and relatives it is not. The police are involved. Was dressed as on the last picture. Areas Obolon + Hem (studying there). Thin, blonde, about 175 cm,” – said the mother of the missing boy.

The woman also said that Kiev can help in several ways.

“What’s the help: look at the entrance and a nearby store, or any other open at this time place if you Obolon.To place an ad in the Kiev groups, suddenly meet on the street, in a store or gas station Obolon in the district of Minsk, Obolon, Obolon. Show the photo to security guards of shopping or any other warm places. If you eat on Obolon look around, suddenly where there. Anything else I haven’t thought of. To charity post in General and in specialized groups. I hope he’s just afraid to go home. My room 0503826374”, – said the mother of 14-year-old.

We previously reported that in the Odessa region mysteriously disappeared schoolgirl. About it reports a press-service GUNP in the Odessa region. Ovidiopol’s’kyi police Department began the investigation a 16-year-old Daniela Medic, who went 19 of January in school and still has not returned.

Signs: height 170 cm, hair white, eyes blue. The girl was dressed in a grey hat and scarf, green jacket, knee-length, black winter boots, dark pants and a pink sweater. She also had a black backpack.

Школьник таинственно исчез в Киеве: "пропал после разговора с мамой", фото

Школьник таинственно исчез в Киеве: "пропал после разговора с мамой", фото