The study of meteorites changes the theory about the origin of life on Earth

Исследование метеоритов меняет теорию о зарождении жизни на Земле

Scientists have long been determined with the main hypotheses of the origin of life on Earth, but there are other theories. Some of them, all life on our planet could arise due to the substances from space. After analyzing the meteorite, the researchers introduced another indirect confirmation of this guess.

Organic matter could be on the Ground in the bombardment of meteorites

A team of scientists have discovered in two space objects a few low molecular weight carbohydrates, essential for the formation of life. In particular, the researchers found monosaccharides arabinose, xylose and ribose. The latter is a critical component of ribonucleic acid (RNA). The authors suggested that it is through meteorites the organic material hit the Earth in the distant past.

According to scientists, the meteorites already found amino acids (components of proteins) and nucleic acid bases, but the monosaccharides, which is the final element for the origin of life, discovered for the first time. Scientific work not only confirms speculation about extraterrestrial source the basic elements to create life, but also makes adjustments to the theory about the order of appearance of RNA and DNA. Some researchers believe that RNA formed before, and then it evolved and was replaced with genomic DNA. The last remnants of meteorites was found.

In the future, the researchers plan to explore other samples of meteorites for the presence of organic structures. In addition, they want to check the chirality of items found to determine whether life on Earth originated with the help brought to the planet substances.

Исследование метеоритов меняет теорию о зарождении жизни на Земле