The style of Angela Merkel: minimalism and simplicity

Стиль Ангелы Меркель: минимализм и простота

The Chancellor of Germany today celebrates its 65 years. Angela Merkel is known internationally as one of the most powerful women in the world. And as a politician with a cold heart and a calculating mind, she chooses outfits.

She is the first and only female Chancellor in German history. In 2000, he headed the Christian democratic Union, becoming the first female leader of the German party. For the ability to avoid conflicts Merkel is called “Teflon lady.” And do the Germans call the Chancellor “mommy”. In 2018 topped the ranking of most powerful women Forbes.

LifeStyle 24 offers an opportunity to learn about the peculiarities of her style.


Her style can be called pragmatic and calm. It happened that she was criticized and ridiculed for the lack of interest in fashion. However, this is its uniqueness. Her style helps to distinguish it from the other.

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Closet Angela Merkel is a Prime example of the style “power dressing” – style “strong women” or “style to manage”. It usually chosen by women who claim to be a “male” position. “Power dressing” loosely associated with femininity, and denies the alleged weakness of women politicians.

My favorite clothes of the Chancellor – Trouser suits with single breasted, slightly elongated jackets. This outfit became her trademark. In most cases prefers Technopolis jackets and pants that are a different color than the top. Trying to avoid monotony and dullness in her wardrobe regularly wears jackets of various colors. However, demonstrating its power to control the color.

Jackets for Merkel sew personal fashion designer Bettina of Senbee, which annually adds to the palette Chancellor of the new instances.

It seems that the “iron lady” only correct business dress code. However, in the case of special events, especially important techniques and trips to the Opera, she stitched several identical ensembles with skirt to the floor.

Interestingly, in 2009, Mattel even released a Barbie doll with short red hair and a pantsuit. A Dutch designer van Norte Eckel the photos of Merkel with public events made up the collage, expanding its jackets in color. They turned out to be over 90 and they are all different shades. In the collage images of the German Chancellor laid out “the warmth” as in printing the fan of colors “Pantone”. Subsequently, they are called the “Pantone Merkel”.


During his long political career, Angela Merkel wore dresses only a few times. In 2008, during the opening of the Opera house in Oslo, the German Chancellor shocked everyone when appeared in a daring gown with a very plunging neckline.


Makeup and hairstyle

Angela Merkel can be seen with a light make-up: lipstick in a natural shade, pressed powder, transparent shadows and a few touches of mascara. The important techniques it is accompanied by makeup artist Peter Keller. For hair was watching the personal hairdresser Udo Walz.

Details of the wardrobe

The Chancellor wears no earrings, no rings. Of all the accessories prefers to wear beads made of natural stone and watch.

One day on one of the German TV channels a dispute broke out which brand adorns the wrist of the Chancellor. Experts at first suggested that it was “the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso”. However, it turned out that the tastes of the policy is much more modest. Her hand decorates watches “Boccia” worth just 89 euros.

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Merkel like the convenience. If the Shoe, on the heel or wedge no more than 5 see If the bag, such to fit documents and a tablet.

Стиль Ангелы Меркель: минимализм и простота

Стиль Ангелы Меркель: минимализм и простота

Стиль Ангелы Меркель: минимализм и простота

Стиль Ангелы Меркель: минимализм и простота

Стиль Ангелы Меркель: минимализм и простота