The success of eurosceptics. Announced the first results of the elections to the European Parliament

Успех евроскептиков. Озвучены первые результаты выборов в Европарламент

Liberals and “green” are gaining strength.

According to the preliminary results of the elections to the European Parliament, “European peoples party” (conservatives) and the “Progressive Alliance of socialists and Democrats” (the social Democrats) for the first time in 40 years to lose the majority, and with it the ability to create “Grand coalition” without the support of other forces, informs Bi-bi-si. Both received 180 and 186 respectively from 751 possible total (total – 44%).

His relative defeat of the two major parties have the passage in Parliament of the far right (opposed to European integration and the expansion of cooperation with Russia) and “green” with the liberals (on the contrary, are followers of the EU and critics of Putin). These elections remain an indicator of the popularity of the political forces at home and can cause a wide resonance among neighbors, the newspaper notes.

For example, the demonstration this year was a vote in Germany. There the party of Angela Merkel, the Christian democratic party (member of the “European people’s party”), received 29%, and its coalition partners the social Democrats – only 16%.

Also noteworthy is the trend in the UK, where mainstream parties such as the conservatives and labour received only 8.7% and 14%, respectively. The championship went to “rexiter” led by Nigel Farage who blamed the government for the failure of the process of exit from the EU. They are voted or 31.7% of Britons.

Interestingly, after the wave of youth protests in the EU Parliament made the way a lot of “green”. So, in Germany they took second place after her party, scoring 21%. About one-third of young voters voted for them. The same can be said of France, where environmental campaigners occupied the third place after the parties of President Emmanuel Macron and his opponent’s Marie Le Pen from 13.2% of the vote. The green party got the second place in Finland, the third – largest in Ireland and fourth in Austria. In total they took in the European Parliament with 69 seats, compared to the same period in 50.

It is also noteworthy that in 2019 in France and Italy the first places were received far-right (opposed to social equality). In Italy the far-right “Northern League” headed by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini, received 34.3% of votes. Salvini fighting for a place the Prime Minister, is a friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the “referendum” in the Crimea and spoke out against the “revolution of dignity” in Ukraine.

The same applies to France, where “National Union” Marie Le Pen has collected 23.3 percent of the votes, slightly ahead of the President’s party Makron.