The super goal of Malinowski brought a draw to “Atalanta” in a mad shootout with Juventus: video

Супергол Малиновского принес ничью "Аталанте" в безумной перестрелке с "Ювентусом": видео

Супергол Малиновского принес ничью "Аталанте" в безумной перестрелке с "Ювентусом": видео

Juventus 11 Jul took to “Atalanta” Malinowski in the match of the round 32 of Serie A. the Teams exchanged scoring shots during the match, but failed to determine the strongest in the meeting.

Juventus – Atalanta 2:2

Goals: Ronaldo, 55 (p) 90 (p) – Zapata, 16, Malinowski, 81

  • In the last round of Juventus in a dramatic match has suffered defeat from “Milan”. Team Pioli carried out an incredible comeback and turned the match on its head. Juventus surely won after the first half the home team, but Milan has created an incredible thanks to goals from Ibrahimovic, Cassie, of Leau and Rebić – 4:2.
  • In the match of the 31st round of Serie A “Atalanta” Malinowski took home “Atalanta”. The first goal the fans were able to see as much as 75 minutes. Ukrainian Ruslan Malinovskiy made an accurate pass from the corner to the head of Tolo, which is accurately sent a ball in gate of the contender – 1:0. Another goal Atalanta scored exactly 10 minutes. A productive kick in the asset Muriela. Final score of the match – 2:0.

The minimum advantage of guests

Ukrainian Ruslan Malinovskiy from the first minute was left on the bench. As previously reported, the player had problems with his right knee after the match of the previous round.

Actively fight began, guests. Zapata has closed hinged transfer near the penalty spot, but failed the ball goalwards – the ball flew over the crossbar.

Ilicic received a precise pass to the penalty area and shot. He was a bad aim and the ball flew far to the side of the left post.

On the 16-th minute the score was opened by guests. Alejandro Gomez has completed a pass, the addressee of which in the penalty area became Zapata. He took the opportunity and shot into the bottom right corner of the goal – 0:1.

Resultant impact Zapata:

Castano witty push the ball into the penalty area in the direction of the same Zapata, but the transmission was not received reliably played defense.

Perfect control demonstrated interesting that in the penalty area received filigree cross transfer. But the shot was not so successful – the ball flew just over the bar.

Argentinian Dibala performed hinged transfer into the penalty area which is headed a Ronaldo, but the ball went around again at the Desk.

Both teams tried to control the ball and create dangerous moments at the gate, but more goals in the first part of the meeting the audience at the screens saw.

The Ukrainian “motor” “Atalanta”

The hosts are very actively started the second segment of the game interesting and Guardado created some dangerous moments at the gate of Gollini.

After the ball bounced straight over his foot Bernardeschi struck from distance but sent the ball far from the goal.

Alejandro Gomez (Atalanta) is not used a great opportunity to score. Alejandro Gomez (Atalanta) was the recipient of the jewelry hinged transfer into the penalty area, but in the jump shot over the crossbar. Corner kick. The ability to execute it went to the team of Atalanta.

In the 54th minute De Ron handballed in the penalty area. Juventus got a great chance to equalize – from the penalty spot. Ronaldo approached the 11-meter mark and sent the ball into the left corner of the goal past the hands that put Pierluigi Gollini – 1:1.

The 11-metre Ronaldo:

Pasalic lost a great opportunity, unsuccessfully completing the final pass into the penalty area which was blocked by the defenders.

Hatebur made a good leap in the middle of the box and powerfully struck his head, closing the corner, but the ball flew over the crossbar.

On 68 minutes on the field came out Ruslan Malinovsky, who replaced Gomez.

Ronaldo made a run into the penalty area and responded to the pass – shot into the goal but the goalkeeper gave a brilliant save.

Malinowski picked up the gear, went to the gate, and good shot from the edge of the box – the ball flew a few centimeters from the right post.

In the 81st minute of the Ukrainian Malinowski struck from outside the penalty area and struck the bottom right corner of the goal – 1:2.

Goal By Malinowski:

At the end, Louis Muriel touched the ball with his hand in the penalty – again from the penalty spot will break Ronaldo.

The Portuguese won a strong-willed confrontation and penalty sent the ball into the goal – 2:2.

Penalty Ronaldo:

Final score of the match – 2:2.

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