The Supreme Court has forbidden to inventory the Parus hotel in the river

Верховный Суд пока запретил инвентаризировать гостиницу Парус в Днепре

In respect of the unfinished “Sails” in the river comes from several vessels. 1:1 – in the court of unfinished while winning the city Council of the Dnieper, and in the dispute on the ground – “Rombus-Private”, which in 2005, the municipality sold the hotel complex.

In the register of court decisions came the Supreme Court ruling on unfinished hotel “Sail” in the river. The informant Money wrote that in June of last year the Economic court of Dnipropetrovsk region broke the agreement of purchase and sale of the property, and in December it confirmed the decision of the Central economic court of appeal.

Disagreeing with this decision, the company “Rombus-Private”, with which city Council in 2005 signed a contract, and in January 2019 filed a complaint to the Supreme Court. In addition to complaints there were two petitions. One company asked to renew the term of submission of documents, and the other – to suspend decisions of the courts until a dispute was allowed by the Supreme Court.

In the registry it is said that to ask the court to suspend decisions the company made the attempts of the city Council of the Dnieper “take away “Rombus-Private” disputable object of real estate – hotel complex “Parus””. As confirmation of these words the company said almost a week after the Central economic court of appeal to unfinished people came, which was presented by Commission from the mayor’s office on inventory. But the guards would not let them. Such actions in the company was regarded as premature.

As stated in the court registry, the land still belongs to the company and until such time as the court decides in the hotel complex, any action can lead to complications in an already difficult situation.

In the end, the court decided to renew the term for cassation decisions of the Central economic court of appeal and decisions of the Economic court of Dnipropetrovsk region and to stop the action of these solutions. In practice, this may mean that to refer to the decisions of these courts.

By the way, the city Council filed its complaint on the ground under Sail and the hearing will be held in late January. A dispute about the most unfinished hotel, the Supreme Court will consider in the second half of February. We will follow developments and news tell.

Irina Logush.