The Supreme court ordered PrivatBank Kolomoisky to pay 25 million

Верховный суд обязал ПриватБанк выплатить Коломойскому 25 миллионов

The Supreme court refused to satisfy the complaint of PrivatBank and recognized the legitimate claim of the Bank in favor of the company Igor Kolomoisky 25 million.

This is stated in the court order, reports UKRINFORM.

“The appeal of Joint-stock company Commercial Bank “PrivatBank” to leave without satisfaction, and the resolution of the Northern economic court of appeal dated 6 March 2019 in the case of the commercial court of Kyiv № 910/22722/17, to leave without changes”, – the document says.

Previously, the limited liability company “Akvatera”, referring to the court, asked to collect from Public joint stock company Commercial Bank “PrivatBank” (hereinafter – the defendant) the indebtedness under the credit agreement No. 19 dated 3 March 2009 in the amount of 962.00 24 977 UAH.

The claim was based on the fact that the result of the execution by the plaintiff of the duty of the defendant in commitment under the credit agreement to the extent secured by a mortgage of the debt in the amount of UAH 24 977 of 962.00, the plaintiff got the rights of the lender in the loan agreement in the part of the obligation executed.

In turn, Privat the Supreme court tried to recognize the collection in favor of the company Kolomoisky 25 million illegal, however, the court of this decision are not supported.

It is known that the company “Akvatera” is engaged in renting and operating of own or leased real estate. It is noted that the ultimate beneficiaries are Gennadiy Bogolyubov and Igor Kolomoisky. need “Private”, but may return $2 billion.