The Supreme court reversed the decision on the claim Gritsenko forbade paid promotion

Верховный суд отменил решение, которое по иску Гриценко запрещало платную агитацию

The Supreme court of Ukraine quashed the decision of the administrative court of appeal which is found to be unlawful and invalid the CEC decision allowing the election campaign offices of presidential candidates to pay the workers.

The Supreme court of Ukraine quashed the decision of the Sixth administrative court of appeal on March 1, at the suit of the presidential candidate Anatoly Gritsenko on the recognition illegal and invalid the CEC resolution of 22 February, which explained aspects of the spending of election funds of presidential candidates in the campaigning, in particular, on the basis of unpaid contracts with individuals agitators.

At the meeting on Tuesday, the Supreme court allowed the appeal of the CEC and declared illegal and invalid only paragraph 33 of the explanation provided by the Commission.

This cancelled paragraph talking about the fact that if the involvement of individuals not associated with the use of their labor in the conditions of the employment contract or under civil law agreements, the legal entity that provides services for election campaigning, in accordance with the law is not the payer of a single social contribution.

In its appeal, the CEC pointed out that “the conclusion of the unpaid contracts cannot be considered as the basis of indirect bribery of voters”. In the Commission’s opinion, the Sixth appellate administrative court made the wrong decision about what the conclusion of such contracts is an indirect voter bribery.

“The Supreme court cited the reasoning part of appropriate legal argument, whether the right of the CEC to go beyond its powers and to provide explanation and interpretation of the imperative article of the law. The decision in this Supreme court decision indicates the dependency of the judiciary and the pressure of the power vertical on the court,” – said in comments to the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” the representative Gritsenko in the CEC Ruslan Chernolutsky.

He noted that now the headquarters Gritsenko will monitor how individual applicants will use funds of the election Fund, using legalized by the court’s explanation of CEC’s compensation costs during the election campaign.

On March 1, according to the suit Gritsenko Sixth appellate administrative court declared unlawful and invalid the decision of the CEC on the aspects of campaigning.