The suspect told about the murder of 11-year-old boy from the Dnieper

Подозреваемый рассказал об убийстве 11-летнего мальчика из Днепра

Residents of the Dnieper shocked by the deaths of 11-year-old Rodion Volkov. It was a kind boy, a rising football star. Played in the sports school “Energy” and showed great promise. On 17 may, the baby’s grandmother informed the police about his disappearance. However, to find him alive failed. The body of Rodion found in a pile of trash in a tent by the suspect, who lived near the regional psychiatric hospital. Through its territory and was going to go home the young athlete what the last conversation may 16, the day he announced close.

Find 65-year-old previously convicted a suspect in the murder helped surveillance cameras and witnesses.

– Near the abandoned building saw a makeshift room in which lay the unknown. Patrol asked the man to come out to them. When he came out – saw his face of blood. On the question of police he heard or seen of the missing boy, the man said that he knew nothing. But the inspectors noticed that the bed of the man lies a pile of clothes. When they launched it, he discovered a terrible discovery – on the bed was the naked body of the child no signs of life, said the patrol.

As noted by Facts militiamen, at detention the suspect violently resisted. Later he admitted that he lured the boy to his candy – bought a bag of sweets. And even then, knew what he wanted to do to him: to rape and kill.

Friends of the late Rodion wonder why he agreed to go somewhere with a scraggly-looking man. Besides, the child could fend for themselves.

The boy lived with his mother, grandmother, and grandfather. The grandmother works as a nurse in the psychiatric hospital, in one of the abandoned buildings where he was killed by her grandson.

The staff and residents of the Dnieper complain that the dilapidated premises was occupied by the marginalized. And teenagers to pull like a magnet in search of adventure.