The Swedes called the cause of death group djatlova: “ominous silence”

Шведы назвали причину гибели группы Дятлова: «зловещая тишина»

The Swedes were horrified by the tragedy at the pass

Swedish researchers decided to find out why the students died.

Richard Holmgren and Andreas Liljegren decided to spend the night in the place where the tourist group Dyatlov. The Swedes told their version of events.

So, according to experts, the cause of death of a tour group on the mountain Kholat syakhl (translated from Mansi – “Mountain Dead”) was the weather. Or rather strong storm that covered the team.

“I think they were afraid that the tent will blow away, and they roll it down the mountain completely lost control,” suggested the researchers Amateurs.

Andreas Liljegren shared his impressions from the night in that ill-fated place. According to him, there was a “sinister silence”, which shocked him, because he’s “never experienced”.

The Swedes refute the version in which you assume the tent young people could carry avalanche.

“Our tent was exactly in the same place, the avalanche there is no place to gain speed, the slope is too shallow. This version seems far-fetched,” said issledovateli

Recall that in the winter of 1959, nine students under the guidance of fifth-year student Igor Dyatlov went on a hike in the mountains. But after spending the night on the mountain Kholat syakhl them was never seen again alive.

A search team found the body of students. All surprised a strange fact – the young people were dressed very lightly. It is unclear why, but the Soviet authorities gave the case gry of secrecy and were not permitted to investigate the circumstances of the incident.

Now the mystery of the death of the group, the Discovery channel shoots a film.

Earlier it was reported that Ural researcher-enthusiast Valentin Degteryov said that he had solved the mystery of Dyatlov pass. The man claims that a group of students killed by the shamans of the Mansi, as one of them was discovered in the photo.

Version that to the tragic death of young people put their hands to local residents of Muncie, is a long time. Now, however, Degterev found “evidence” which supposedly could serve as an argument in favor of this version.

“In the bushes is clearly visible figure of a man. He is dressed in the usual Mansiysk clothes with a hood. Nobody sees, but he observes those who break his rest of the gods,” wrote an enthusiast in his study.

The researcher recalled that indigenous peoples are extremely sensitive about the fact that their Holy land had taken to walking tourists.

Note that in November 2017, the same Degterev said that he had found on the mountain by the pass of Dyatlov chip UFO. Then enthusiast claimed that the students could have been killed at the hands of aliens.

Шведы назвали причину гибели группы Дятлова: «зловещая тишина»

Шведы назвали причину гибели группы Дятлова: «зловещая тишина»