The Swedish city has released a mobile app with a map of “beach treasures”

Шведский город выпустил мобильное приложение с картой "пляжных сокровищ"

The city authorities of Helsingborg in southern Sweden has released a mobile app to help locals and visitors to the city to discover new places. The main goal of the city authorities – to avoid the crowds on the popular beaches, which is especially important because of the pandemic coronavirus.

Helsingborg is situated on the øresund Strait between Sweden and Denmark and boasts 23 great beaches. But most residents and tourists going to only 3-4 beaches, and the rest almost empty, said evropul’s.

The app works as a quest: completing quests, and going on “treasure map” on different beaches, users get prizes. “Treasure hunt” will last until August 31.

Sweden, unlike other EU countries, has not imposed mandatory quarantine. However, the authorities have asked residents to exercise vigilance, to monitor their health and to avoid large gatherings of people.