The Swiss AG Is not yet planning to participate in the privatization of the mines in Ukraine

Швейцарская Adelon AG пока не планирует участвовать в приватизации шахт в Украине

The company does not consider Ukraine as a promising market

Large Swiss trader, which deals with the supply of coal originating from Kuzbass coal basin in Russia – the company Is AG (Adelon AG) today and in the medium term, not considering the possibility of participation in privatization of coal assets in particular state-owned mines in Ukraine. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to the press service of the company.

The company noted that it does not consider Ukraine as a promising market from the point of view of supply of products to consumers, the terms of the acquisition of any assets.

“Indeed, the company Is AG in the coming years is going to take the expansion of markets for goods due to greater expansion in Asia (particularly China, South Korea, Japan, and India, which have some of the world’s largest economies and consumer markets of coal products), and Central and Western Europe (supply of goods through the ports of the Baltic sea). In particular, the priority for us is strengthening its position as one of the largest international traders of coal products in Asia and Europe, the company’s transformation from a trading company into a vertically integrated group of companies”, – stated in the message.

In Is AG added that among the key objectives for the coming years – own fields of coal mining, availability of enterprises for subsequent coal, availability of logistics (Park and private freight rail wagons, warehouses/storage areas, berths and port facilities, loading and razvratnyh systems/equipment and other related elements), the development of representative offices in countries that are major markets for goods.

“However, these tasks do not imply to date, acquire any assets in Ukraine. At least until the stabilization of the political and international situation, and to establish in this country acceptable for trading and industrial activities in the fiscal terms,” added the company.

Is AG (Adelon AG) is a Swiss trading company which deals with international sales of coal originating from Kuzbass coal basin (Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Irkutsk region, Russian Federation). The company sells coal grades G (gas); T (skinny); D (long flame gas); And (anthracite); katsushima coals; SS (caking); PCI (mixture of pulverized coal injection).