The Swiss company next year will move the production from Poland to Ukraine

Швейцарская компания в будущем году переместит производство из Польши в Украину

Jobs are moving from EU to Ukraine becomes habitual. For example, the Swiss company Calyx Capital Advisers doubles its production capacity in Ukraine to four. Next year she will move the plant for the production of control panels of household appliances from Poland to Ivano-Frankivsk, where it will operate up to 1000 workers.

Also next year, the Calyx begins work in the new industrial Park of the White Church on the construction of a plant for production of spare parts, resulting in 450 jobs from Germany moved to Ukraine, according to the UBN.

In the longer term, the company plans to develop more than 25,000 square meters of Zaporizhia automobile plant to create a EU-oriented “business campus” for parts and service, which will operate 5,000 people.

Tobias Hundertmark, managing partner of Calyx, said UBN at Kyiv international economic forum: “Ukraine can become a major production centre of the future. Poland – you can not find people. Hungary is too expensive. Of the large countries only Romania and Ukraine”.

Unfortunately, the joy of entering the European companies in Ukraine, is sometimes overshadowed by the fact that investors are deceived in the first place, extremely cheap labor, what they themselves say. In addition, often in Ukraine transferred the production facilities of ekologicheskim or other requirements do not meet European legisla – dangerous or unacceptable. Therefore, accepting with open arms by European manufacturers, is to ask what and by what standards they will produce on the territory of Ukraine. This does not mean non-cooperation, and greater respect for their compatriots.