The symptom coronavirus, which can talk about the mortal danger: the statement of the scientists

Симптом коронавируса, который может говорить о смертельной опасности: заявление ученых

Scientists from the U.S. came to the conclusion that a very low temperature of the patient at the first call for help while coronavirus can talk about the deaths of the current infection. In 44% of cases these people die.

Also of the death COVID-19 can speak and the very high temperature of the human body, about 40 degrees.

How to write BMC, at a high temperature initially, infection causes approximately 42% of patients. Note that research conducted by scientists of the Center for cardiovascular research Medical centre in new York, “mount Sinai” (Mount Sinai Hospital). It was attended by 7 614 people.

“Thus low body temperature during the first call to the doctor can serve as a marker of adverse prognosis. However, the maximum temperature of the body is also important related to mortality. For every 0.5 °C increase in temperature has a significant increase in mortality, and patients with a maximum temperature of more than 40,0 °C the mortality rate reached 42%,” report the scientists.