The task of the new curator of Russia Kozak – stop the movement of Ukraine into NATO and the EU – expert

Задача нового куратора России Козака - остановка движения Украины в НАТО и ЕС, - эксперт

Replacement of Vladislav Surkov, Dmitry Kozak as meeting in the Kremlin in the Ukrainian direction does not mean the rejection of the absorption of Ukraine. However, it included Russia’s use of new, more sophisticated approaches, in contrast to the direct and crude methods of previous years.

That Surkov had left the public service it became known on January 25. New responsible for the Ukrainian direction in the Russian government called Dmitry Kozak – Deputy head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation.

“Surkov announced a ” change of course”. He lost hardware struggle Kozak for the failure of the Paris summit “channel four”. Putin regarded him as a loser,” wrote in a telegram to political analyst Taras Berezovets.

He noted that Kozak is known for its Transnistrian plan, which envisages turning Moldova into a Russian satellite.

Read between the lines. The same Kozak will impose on Ukraine. Make “LDNR” on the rights of autonomy with the right of veto on foreign policy

– wrote the analyst.

A similar opinion was expressed on Facebook community leader of “the Ukrainian Ukraine”, candidate of legal Sciences Andrei resin.

“Putin believes that a failure of the action Surkov on the Ukrainian question. Too slowly, the desired elimination of the Ukrainian state. Need faster, but sleeker and more hidden,” wrote Smoliy.

The task of the new “curator” to put “DNI/LC” in the body of Ukraine with the possibility of control over foreign policy, that is, stopping movement of the country to NATO and the EU, and more importantly – control over the entire country

– said the candidate of legal Sciences.

He added that Ukraine can expect more pressure from the Kremlin and the gradual loss of subjectivity. This time internal.

What did Surkov

Surkov was responsible for the development of the Russian policy towards Ukraine and the North Caucasus, in particular Chechnya, Dagestan, Russians occupied Georgia’s Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In particular, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, is a friend and protege direct Surkov.

Surkov was also the curator Pro-Russian fighters of Donbass. He advocated a tough military, not a diplomatic political course in relations with Ukraine.