The tax will be refunded the full price of the goods if the check is issued incorrectly

Налоговая вернет полную стоимость товара, если чек выдан неправильно

Fiscals told about measures on struggle against illegal checks.

For a receipt, on which information is missing on the server of the State tax service (STS), the consumer may obtain 100% of the budget of compensation for the amount of purchased goods. This is stated in the letter of the Main Department of the STS of 17 June.

It is reported that this provision came into force in connection with adoption of law No. 128-IX “On amendments to the law of Ukraine “About application of registrars of settlement operations in sphere of trade, public catering and services” and No. 129-IX “On amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine regarding legalization of settlements in the area of trade and services” of 20 September 2019.

These laws introduce innovations in the sphere of application of payment transactions recorders (PPO): provides for the introduction of a compensation mechanism for the user of the funds paid for the purchased product (service) if he was given the payment document information that is missing in the databases of the STS.

In the case that the consumer has provided such cash receipt cash registers, and data on this pin is missing on the server GNS, he has the right to appeal to the Supervisory authority with a complaint about violation by the business entity order of cash payments. In the case of confirmation the user can obtain from the budget as compensation of 100% value of the goods purchased.

Previously, the tax authorities have warned that “letters of happiness” for the payment of ERUs will come in the electronic office.