The taxi driver BIAS killed 27-year-old girl. VIDEO

Таксист УКЛОН убил 27-летнюю девушку. ВИДЕО

18 August at 16:20 happened a fatal accident for passengers of taxi BIAS. On the highway Kyiv – Irpen – Gostomel near the cottage community “Canadian Village”. The driver decided to jump out on the acceleration lane at high speed, the result of vehicle Renault Logan driven by a taxi driver, went off the pavement and collided with a concrete light pole at a speed of 120 km/h, reports

The driver was carrying two passengers, a young girl of 27 years and a man in all probability spouse. In result of road accident the girl died on the spot, the man and the driver hospitalizovani in serious condition. At the scene, people called an ambulance 103 but it came only after 40 minutes. And the police came even later. There were several calls from witnesses, and efficiency of intelligence is astounding.

I want to note that this intersection is very dangerous and for the last 4 years, it had several fatal accidents. The authorities of Kiev Gostomel and not doing anything to set svitlofor away from town “Canadian Village” and the acceleration lane is for fast-paced riders maneuver for overtaking. The company “UKLON” has not yet commented, but the girl’s death I think will make the leadership of the Kiev-Sviatoshynsky area to pay attention to this section of the road and responsibility on the part of the KP kievavtodor and the SLOPE.