“The teacher can proceed with 102 points”: BP pointed to the crisis of teacher education in universities

"На учителя можно поступить со 102 баллами": в ВР указали на кризис педагогического образования в вузах

The MP believes that it is imperative to invest resources in training qualified teachers.

In Ukraine there was a crisis in pedagogy. Most of the teacher training institutions do applicants with minimum scores on external independent evaluation (UPE).

About this issue, said MP of Ukraine from the party “the Voice”, member of the parliamentary Committee for education, science and innovation Inna sovsun, the “Browser”.

“Unfortunately, we have a crisis of pedagogical University education. The teacher of physics in pedagogical University can do with result in physics 102 points! The last 10 years in the pedagogical universities were mainly those who never could act,” she said.

While Sovsun dispelled the myth that professionalism had something to do with the age of the teacher.

“I know a great young teachers and excellent teachers more experienced. And in the same age groups there are teachers that I would never do for my child. So here the criterion is not age, but rather of openness and willingness to change,” – said the politician.

Therefore, according to her, now it is imperative to invest resources in training qualified teachers.

“In my opinion, new Ukrainian school cannot take place without a new Ukrainian teachers”, – said the MP.

“Unfortunately, we have the last two years, reforms have focused on procurement of new furniture, on improving infrastructure… Yes, it is very important things you need to do. But the most important factor that affects the learning outcome of our children is the quality of teachers. There need to invest large funds,” said Sovsun.