The team scored a goal, while the goalkeeper lay injured on the ice: video

Команда забросила шайбу, пока вратарь соперника лежал травмированный на льду: видео

In the match of the NHL has been quite a controversial episode. During the attack the goalkeeper “Dallas” was injured after falling on the ice. However, the visitors continued to attack and scored a goal in its gate.

The match took place in Dallas. The hosts were ahead in the series of the playoffs NHL 3:2. In the event of victory, they would have advanced to the semifinals of the Stanley Cup.

Key in the match was the episode in the third period. At that time, “St. Louis” was ahead 2:1. The guests defender Colton Parayko a powerful shot of “Dallas.” The puck hit the shoulder of the goaltender Ben Bishop. After that, the hockey player fell on the ice, throwing his stick to the side. Thus he signalled that got injured. But hockey players, “St. Louis” continued the attack – the Walls dropped under the strike, Schwartz and he sent it to the opponents. The judges ruled out the goal. All this time the Bishop lay on the ice.

It should be noted that ice hockey “St. Louis” has not violated the rules in this episode. “If a player is injured and cannot continue play or to run to the bench to make a substitution, the match will not be stopped until the injured player team is not getting the puck”, – stated in the rules of the NHL.

However, there is an exception when the referee can stop the game if a player was seriously injured. However, after this episode, the Bishop continued the game. Though with an injured shoulder. But conceding one goal per minute, the goalkeeper left the ground.

Now the score in the series between “Dallas” and “St. Louis” became 3:3. The next match will be held in St. Louis.