The teenager fell from the tower because of a selfie: “electrocution”

Подросток сорвался с башни из-за селфи: «ударило током»

Two friends decided to surprise friends and make a mind-blowing selfie, but they did not anticipate the danger they face

For a beautiful picture teenagers decided to climb the 30-meter tower.

However, the top the unexpected happened. A young man at 30 meters altitude suddenly got a shock. The boy took off and flew down from a great height, says the story TSN.

However, the teenager was lucky – he got caught on a metal structure supports and hung in the air.

His companion didn’t panic and managed to call rescuers and doctors, explaining what happened.

Rescuers who arrived at the scene, the young man withdrew. This had the tower disconnected from the electricity. According to the head of the press service GU gschs in the Nikolaev area Ulyana Rats, the other was next to his injured comrade.

The boy who got the shock, was immediately admitted to a medical facility. Doctors described his condition as serious but stable. The guy has severe burns of the feet.

Local law enforcement officers for improper performance of parental duties opened criminal proceedings.

As reported earlier, in Odessa region the man rescued three children who were drifting out to sea on an inflatable mattress. The incident happened on Monday, August 5, in the seaside village of Kiliya district.

According to her, lounging on the beach, a resident of Ishmael Vladimir Ivanov, saw the children who find themselves in dangerous situations on open water.

“Nearby there was no water transport, which could help the children. Only one man has risked his life for the sake of the children! There are no other children, but heroes in our time do not often meet” – wrote a Romanov.

Earlier we wrote, the child played quietly and nothing boded trouble, but suddenly, the baby fell and lost consciousness. A terrible tragedy happened in Odessa.

“The incident occurred in the Kiliya district, where a family with a little boy, rented a house on the basis of rest”. It is known that people came to rest from a neighboring state what the source does not specify: “the Boy was playing in the house. Parents from time to time out to look after the child. When they looked again, the child was unconscious”.

At the place called for an ambulance, but on the way to the hospital the child died. The preliminary cause of death was electrocution from the power supply base, which is laid in metal pipes.

Подросток сорвался с башни из-за селфи: «ударило током»

Подросток сорвался с башни из-за селфи: «ударило током»