The teenager lit the candles in the Church for a scandalous video

Подросток прикурил от свечи в церкви ради скандального видео

In Chita, the teenager went to the Cathedral of the Kazan icon of the mother of God to record the resonance video for TikTok service.

With him was his friend, which led video. Going to Church, the young man lit the candles. “It will be the crime of the year”, – said one of them.

At first, the teen crossed in front of the Cathedral, and then in front of the icon. But then he took out a cigarette and did what was intended.

The author of the video later said that it was created only for the sake of his followers. He urged all to subscribe, if they want to see more of such content.

However, the attacker was interested and the police. Now Ministry of internal Affairs of Zabaykalsky Krai beginning of the test, reports “MK in Chita”. Adolescents may incriminate public actions expressing clear disrespect for society. They can also be accused of insulting religious feelings of believers.

Video already deleted from your account.