The telescope recorded the merger of two galaxies

Телескоп зафиксировал слияния двух галактик

Astronomers using the Spitzer telescope has seen rare footage of merging galaxies. Such a merger leads to the inevitable death of the stars.

Writes naked-science, the unique pictures were published by the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA. At the moment, the galaxy has not merged completely, but they powerfully influence each other gravitationally.

Gravity will stop the formation of new stars, so the galaxy can only slowly fade away.

Why is this important footage. Now the merger of galaxies is very rare. While 6 to 9 billion years ago, these processes occurred much more often. So to see this merger is a truly rare opportunity.

Телескоп зафиксировал слияния двух галактик

How the merging of galaxies

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