The ten most common Russian cars

Названа десятка самых распространенных в России автомобилей

After analysts counted all the cars of the Russian fleet (on-road rides of the Fatherland, about 43.5 million units), professionals began for a particular model, naming the top ten most common cars in the country.

Leadership is still not going to give up VAZ-2107 with the same period in 1 729 400 cars, whose production in Russia ended in 2012.

It should be noted that the famous “seven” where the only audience in Russia on capacities of AVTOVAZ in Togliatti, Izhevsk, Syzran and in the town of Argun in the Chechen Republic. Sedan with deep Soviet roots produced in three Ukrainian plants in Lutsk, Zaporozhye and Kremenchug, as well as enterprises in the Crimean Kherson, Kazakhstan and even in the Egyptian Cairo.

Second place is another product of the Volga car factory – VAZ-2106. This “chetyrehdverki” left the Assembly line in 2006. Such cars we have owned 1 526 600 citizens.

In the third place stands the three-door LADA 4×4, formerly known as just “field”. The SUV, whose history began in 1977, registered on the territory of our country in the amount of 1 022 200 copies.

On the fourth and fifth positions, ordered two more “Russians”: VAZ-2109 (849 200 pieces) and VAZ-2110 (828 900 cars), respectively. In sixth place is also LADA, but rather a VAZ-2114 (772 800 cars).

Only in the tail of the TOP 10 you can see the cars. In this order they occupy the seventh through ninth paragraphs: KIA Rio (752 000 vehicles), Hyundai Solaris (739 200 units) and Ford Focus (737 200 cars). But on the tenth line again the car VAZ-2105 travels 724 700 Russians.

Названа десятка самых распространенных в России автомобилей