The tendency of women to multi-task is a myth

Склонность женщин к многозадачности - миф

I do not believe that women tend to be multi-tasking is a myth. Scientists have established the need to solve a lot of Affairs exhausts all without exception.

There is a very popular belief that women due to the nature of their brain and cope well with multitasking, which requires simultaneous execution of multiple unrelated cases for a limited time. This volume of papers is a very serious cognitive load, which requires different brain areas of rapid switching, and increased ability to concentrate.

Psychologists from the University of Aachen (Germany) tested how the assertion about the tendency of women to multi-task. Experts have compared the ability to cope with multitasking in both sexes. Their work is dedicated to the publication in the journal PLOS ONE.

Scientists have conducted a series of experiments involving groups of men and groups of women each with 48 people. The subjects were given tasks related to letters or numbers that require either sequential shifting (tasks being solved one after the other) or simultaneous execution. The researchers recorded the speed of response of the brain and evaluated the accuracy of the assignments.

As a result, scientists have concluded that the theory of women’s propensity to multi-tasking is a myth.

“As for women, and for men, the situation of multi-tasking is equally heavy and uncomfortable. When the brain is confronted with different problems, the quality of his work decreases it slows down the speed of reactions and deteriorates the accuracy of work”, – stated the authors of the project.