The tendril again made a statement about coronavirus: do Not access and / or get more info

Oleksandr Usyk once again shared his opinion about the coronavirus. Ukrainian boxer urged Ukrainians not to panic and encouraged to refrain from searching for the information about the coronavirus.

Usyk has been a guest on TV channel NewsOne, in which he commented on the transfer of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

According to him, for some athletes of the Game in Tokyo was the last chance.

“If feasible, then Yes, it should be transferred. But my personal opinion – too much panic around all this,” – said the Mustache.

According to 33-year-old boxer, panic begets panic.

Here now was a guest (the TV channel, – Спорт24), he advertised your channel, come on in and get information. So, do not access or receive information. Go into the woods and breathe the fresh air. The virus is afraid of oxygen in the blood, he is afraid of water, wipe the room with a damp cloth, ventilate. Breathe and rejoice,
said Usyk.

Usik said he did not understand why about the coronavirus so much about.

“We head hammering superfluous. I think it is, but why so often speak? Why are we silent about AIDS, tuberculosis, accidents, why are we not talking about this?”, – said the boxer.

What is known about the coronavirus in Ukraine?As of March 26, 164 confirmed positive tests Covid-19. Among infected – five casualties, and only one person was recovered.

Mustache and statements about the coronavirus

  • Alexander urged everyone to continue to go to temples. Although the government asks to refrain from places of a mass congestion of people, including churches.
  • In addition, the boxer is advised to drink tap water as it has chlorine which kills the virus.
  • The pandemic coronavirus boxer isolated in a training camp. But the athlete said he would go to Church every Sunday.
  • Former player of national team of Ukraine Yevhen Levchenko criticized the stance of the Tendril. Boxer also “inherited” from the tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky.

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