The tendril against the British “Bomber” Bellew: what experts predict – 24 Channel

Усик проти англійського "Бомбардувальника" Белью: що прогнозують експерти - 24 Канал

November 10 will be the super-duel in which Alexander Usik will meet with Tony Bellew. The slogan of the fight – “One who dared”. At stake will be the champion belt for the WBC, WBO, IBF and WBA, which is now owned by the Ukrainians.

Analysts Parimatch give 82% that he will win and retain their titles. If there is a sensation and win the Underwear (probability 15%), the British hardly will long remain in the champion level, because plans to retire.

Belew began his career as a kickboxer, where he won 100 wins in 104 fights. In professional Boxing, Tony often passed from one weight category to another. When the British focused on light heavyweight champion, twice reached the championship fights, but in both cases lost. In the first heavy weight Underwear was more fortunate, he became the champion under version WBC. But later he was deprived of the title: Tony refused the mandatory defence for the meeting with David Haye, against whom he played two matches and both won.

In Belew pretty monotonous Arsenal, the level he is clearly inferior to the Mustache. Thus, in the Tone of a powerful blow, for that he was nicknamed “the bomber”. Sometimes it is slow, often goes into the protection than can force the opponent to relax, and then begins to fight in the open.

Of course, coach Mustache has been preparing for this Alexander, in order not to give the British to impose their rule in the match. If the Mustache will come to this fight with all responsibility as to fight with Hassiem, the chances of the Underwear will not be enough. With regard to the accurate prediction for the fight, the experts Parimatch one of the most likely result is the winning Moustache knockout from the 5th to 8th round. Most of his fights he won by knockout, but he has no problem to hold the ring for 12 rounds. The Ukrainian champion is ready for any eventuality, and after the victory in the world Boxing super series increasingly talking about the fact that Moustache are no more worthy opponents in his weight class. In addition to the powerful attack, Alexander also possesses surprising agility, as he did in the previous championship battle with Hassiem. In General, in all respects, yet we can only sympathize with the Underwear.

Усик проти англійського "Бомбардувальника" Белью: що прогнозують експерти - 24 Канал

Regarding the fees for the fight: Even if Tony can’t goodbye to “slam the door”, it will still retire, providing for their old age. Yet, no one voiced the exact figures, but, according to rumors, one of the boxers get per battle is about 2-3 million dollars.

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