The tendril of allegiance to Ukraine: My father all his life and all spoke Russian, but was a Ukrainian

Усик о верности Украине: Мой отец всю жизнь и везде говорил на русском, но был украинцем

The absolute world champion in the first heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk said it will act only under the Ukrainian flag and not even considering the possibility of leaving Ukraine. As he explained, although his father and all his life spoke Russian, but has always stressed that nationality is Ukrainian.

As noted athlete in a broadcast on Ukrainian television, he was offered to play for other countries.

“I just say, “We give you money, we give you shelter, you don’t need any more, your children go to school we find work. You do not need anything, only the box for us,” he said.

According to the boxer, in response to these words, he recalled what nationality was Russian, his father.

My father spoke in Russian, even living in Chernihiv region where everyone speaks Ukrainian, but all his life he spoke in Russian. However, always repeated to me: “what is your nationality? You – Ukrainian”. I always talked about it,
stated Usyk.

This is not the first statement of the Tendril of love to Ukraine. So, at the beginning of 2019 Ukrainian champion is convinced that he loves his homeland, but never shouts about it, and silently executes its mission. In addition, he stressed that Ukrainians should unite and make it happen. Also, the Mustache told me about his trips to the front to the Ukrainian military, where he, according to him, lived with them in the dugouts.


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