The tendril – Witherspoon: forecast bookmakers for the fight

Усик – Уизерспун: прогноз букмекеров на бой

Four days before the debut of Alexander Usyk in the heavyweight division among Ukrainians has changed rival. Is Tyrone Spong, the former absolute world champion in the first heavy weight will face Chazz Witherspoon.

The tendril – Witherspoon: forecast

It is difficult to predict how the change in opponent will affect the Moustache. Nor Alexander, nor even Witherspoon could not expect to meet. Consequently, both fighters are in equal conditions. Probably, the situation of Ukrainian, even better, he was deliberately preparing to fight.

Witherspoon is primarily experienced opponent and a real heavyweight. For Alexander it is very important to check your hand. Chazz even more interesting opponent than Tyrone Spong. Dimensions Netherlander is no better than the Mustache, and Witherspoon is just a great athlete.

The Forecast For Pari Match

On paper the experts of the company Pari Match called Alexander Usik absolute favorite match in Chicago (USA). The odds that a Ukrainian debut in the heavyweight division with a victory over Witherspoon – to 1.01.

Усик – Уизерспун: прогноз букмекеров на бой

The tendril – Witherspoon: infographics / 24 channel

The victory of the 38-year-old American, who won 29 fights by knockout, experts Pari Match estimated coefficient 15. The most realistic scenario, according to bookmakers, a draw in the match. To this result, experts suggest a ratio of 30.

Forecast Fansport

Some believe more in the chances of Cazza to overcome Mustache experts of the company “Prison”. The victory of the American, for whom the match will be at home, the bookies give the coefficient 13.

However, the Tendril is still the favorite of the battle. Advantages of Ukrainian are his brilliant technique and speed. His victory in this fight, “Fansport” coefficient estimate of 1.01. At a draw ratio 33.

Forecast betfair

The lowest odds for a draw in the match experts offer betfair – 25. Interestingly, the fighting Barbel and Witherspoon never ended in a draw. Alexander won all the fights (12 KOs). A track record Chazza more, however, he thrice suffered defeat.

On winning Moustache, which will be the fourth defeat of his career Witherspoon, experts betfair offer a ratio of 1,002. That fight ends with the victory of the American boxer – factor 16.

Fight Alexander Usik – Chazz Witherspoon will take place in the night from 12 to 13 September in Chicago (USA). Review of the debut of the Mustache in superteach read online Спорт24.