The Tesla Battery Day event will take place on 22 September

Мероприятие Tesla Battery Day пройдет 22 сентября

The company Tesla decided on the date of the event Battery Day: in this presentation, the electric car will tell about the latest achievements in the field of battery technology.

Initially the event Battery Day was planned to be held in may. However, the timing had to be revised due to the spread of coronavirus and the isolation of employees from many companies around the world.

Later it was reported that the presentation will be organized in June, but this date could not be fully maintained. And here now it became known that Tesla finally called the day of the event.

In the documents sent to the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), States that on September 22, Tesla has scheduled the annual meeting of shareholders. This same day there will be a separate event Battery Day.

It is assumed that in the course of the presentation of the Tesla talk about breakthrough technologies in the field of batteries for vehicles with fully electric propulsion. In addition, the company may disclose information about other achievements relevant to electric.

Мероприятие Tesla Battery Day пройдет 22 сентября

Мероприятие Tesla Battery Day пройдет 22 сентября