The Tesla has regime for dogs

В электромобилях Tesla появился режим для собак

Tesla introduced its electric vehicles in a special mode, Dog Mode, which is designed to provide a comfortable stay for Pets in the car.

As noted, the regime was designed at the request of the owners. “It is sometimes difficult to determine whether the electric vehicle. And this can cause concern, if the car are dogs, not visible, air conditioning works. The new mode allows you to resolve this issue”, – writes the edition.

We will remind, in 2016 Tesla in one of the firmware updates introduced the function of Cabin Overheat Protection. It allows you to take care of the comfort of children and Pets left in a parked car.

Introducing Dog Mode: set a cabin temperature to keep your dog comfortable while letting passersby know they don’t need to worry – Tesla (@Tesla) 14 Feb 2019

She maintains a comfortable level of temperature in a closed car for hours, even when it doesn’t work. Then the company noted that this feature is available only on the Tesla that are equipped with large batteries.

New mode Dog Mode is actually an enhanced version of the function Overheat Protection Cabin. To activate a parked car you need to choose on the touch screen to Keep Climate On and select a DOG and then set the desired temperature range.

This not only will be maintained at a comfortable temperature in the cabin, but concerned passers-by will be notified that the air conditioner is running and the dog inside is a comfortable environment, so there is no need to try to rescue her.

Such a regime can be maintained long enough. If the battery level of the electric vehicle drops below 20%, the user of the smartphone a notification will be sent.

В электромобилях Tesla появился режим для собак