The thief who stole rides in Kirillovka, was released in the courtroom

Вора, который украл аттракционы в Кирилловке, освободили в зале суда

Tried it on an inflatable “pucks”.

The offender penetrated the point-based water technology “Luck” that on Fedotova spit, pulled the window of the warehouse and stole two inflatable double water rides, which is popularly known as “puck”, intended for towing for water transport.

In monetary terms, the production of the thief amounted to 2 thousand UAH. In addition, he stole a meter and copper wire. Their thief found in the “fishing cabin” on the same basis.

The crime occurred on 15 September last year, and recently Yakymivskyy district court finished the consideration of this case.

The guilt, the thief is fully recognized, and said that sincerely repents. The court read this as a mitigating circumstance and assign to a man a conditional sentence of five years imprisonment with release from serving of punishment and a probation period of three years.

Note, for this theft to sit behind bars the man still had. The investigation and trial lasted more than eight months, all this time the offender was in custody and was released in the courtroom after the verdict.