The thing in the box: as in the “New mail” was conceived to introduce the robots and speed up service

Все дело в коробке: как в "Новой почте" задумали внедрить роботов и ускорить сервис

Like any large company, it tends not to leave a leading position in its niche, so is constantly working to improve services. In 2019 our company has extensive and ambitious plans in the framework of network development: for five months of current year has managed to run about 750 new branches.

“We even began to joke about the fact that nobody even knows how to date, we have opened offices. We are sitting now, and we will have a rating increase. At the moment, may have to open 5-7 branches,” – says CEO company “New Mail” Alexander Bulba.

The most important thing in the Telegram

“New mail” plans to develop in small towns, villages and cities to a large number of customers had access to the offices, got good service and quality. Also, the development of logistics infrastructure.

In connection with this was launched its second innovative terminal in Odessa. The overall performance of this terminal is 14 thousand parcels, and the efficiency of the sorting line is 8.5 thousand. The next step will be the launch of the Lviv innovative terminal that the scale will be even more than lions.

What significance has the box

Box is the safest tool for transporting and sorting parcels. In fact, it box protects the cargo from damage, so the “New mail” is giving this subject special attention. Recently the company released a new red box redBOX, which is considered to be improved when compared with those that we’ve all been using.

It differs from other several parameters. First, a client purchasing a box, automatically gets a few paid services and can send a parcel anywhere in the country at a single price. Red box is better because it already has adhesive tape that is designed for the return shipment. For example, if the client is not satisfied with the goods and he wants it back, then, without leaving the office, he can tear this tape alone to seal the box and give it to the employee. As the box blank sender address, the client only needs to say that this is a return.

Red box is easy to use thanks to adhesive tape, plus don’t need to use regular tape to seal it, but the interesting thing is that the little box is very hardy.

Edition had the opportunity to visit the crash test, where it was possible to see how red box took a load up to 100 kg. We put three boxes on the floor, on top put a wooden sheet, to the shoes not to push certain parts of the box. Asking one of the present, which, he said, weighs about 88 pounds, to the boxes. By the end, we saw that the box remained intact and was not broken.

“From the point of view of social responsibility and refining company is responsible for the delivery of the goods, so we are working to improve not only service, but also the box itself to best protect the contents within it,” said the CEO.

In addition, the client for New mail can pack the parcel at home and through the app by scanning a barcode to pay for it without turning on this issue for the office staff. Then you only need to bring the parcel to the office and leave on a special table for the already formed and paid packages.

As previously reported, in April the company has stopped using Styrofoam for packing parcels began to use paper that is placed inside. The paper prevents the movement of goods inside the box. This helps produce higher quality and more reliable to deliver those assumptions under different conditions.

For example, crash test, we have seen that when a large pressure on carton paper maximally constrains its shape. Of course, when the weight exceeds the limit, then the box loses its shape and the load can be damaged. But it calculates the shipping weight and the box itself before it to determine the content to send.


New mail started to test in Kiev a pilot project. This separation and collection of recyclable materials, and namely corrugated cardboard, paper, pure white polyethylene and colored polyethylene. In the past month have managed to collect about two standards separate recyclables and, interestingly, the process involved the clients of the company.

Only for 2018 Assembly was attended by all offices, depots and sorting centers. Today it is about 1 thousands of infrastructure units. Last year it attracted about 1 million of recyclable materials (about 50 trucks). After four months of this year, employees were able to collect already half a million pounds of recyclable materials that will be much more than last year.

Automation and robotics

The company is growing very quickly, and the sorting capacity of the terminal is not enough to ensure full operation. It was therefore decided to automate them as mechanized terminals can handle about 3 thousand packages per hour, and automated – almost two times more. Boxes have regular shape that enables a clear move on a conveyor line.

Also, in order to automatically recognize the box, it reads on her markings and determines the address to sort by direction. New terminals were installed scanners that read markings – thus automatic line will recognize the shipping address.

“In General, if you take the interregional sorting, the time of formation of the parcel is 2 minutes. Automation improves quality and service and reliability of delivery. As compared with a person sorting line is not wrong. We started to handle much more parcels. Theoretical and practical method we saw that we could speed up the process by 12%,” – said Alexander Bulba.

After automation, the company plans to introduce robotics. This program provides for the replacement of human labor with robots. How will this work? Robots will take the box and send them to the pipeline, and then have the entire process of parcel registration will be assigned to a person.

For 5 months of the year 2019 New post has moved 23% more parcels than the same period last year (83 million). With the introduction of full automation and robotics in the future the company estimates it will be able to serve customers even faster.

Все дело в коробке: как в "Новой почте" задумали внедрить роботов и ускорить сервис

Все дело в коробке: как в "Новой почте" задумали внедрить роботов и ускорить сервис

Все дело в коробке: как в "Новой почте" задумали внедрить роботов и ускорить сервис