“The third round”: the staff of “public Servants” took the results of the elections to the Parliament

"Третий тур": как в штабе "Слуги народа" приняли результаты выборов в Раду

The day of parliamentary elections at the party headquarters Zelensky “servant of the people” work is in full swing. At the panel discussions debated the reform plans and options for the coalitions. And in the evening opened the champagne. A report DW.

The headquarters of Vladimir Zelensky and his colleagues in the party “servant of the people” is traditionally set in a Kyiv Congress center “Park” on the slopes of the Dnieper. On the day of elections to the Verkhovna Rada, on July 21 here in comparison with the presidential election has changed except that the location of the photo zones and tables with ping-pong. There is another difference: if two months ago the team Zelensky poured champagne in the morning, this time at the headquarters was dominated by the working mood. And the celebration began after the announcement of exit polls the victory of the “public Servants”, though undeniable, however, is not so compelling as during the second round of the presidential election.

The battle for single-member districts

On the day of voting active staff already in full swing for this afternoon: it coordinator, Alexander Kornienko every two hours reports on the turnout and complains about violations of the single-member districts. Problematic for majoritarian “public Servants” remains the Donbass. Almost all day in headquarters talking about the conflicts in the 49th district, where the candidate from Pro-presidential forces showman Sergey Sivoho competing with a former member of the Party of regions and Deputy Prime Minister under Viktor Yanukovich, Boris Kolesnikov. “Our opponents promised the citizens $ 150 in case of a victory”, – says Sivoho during a live broadcast.

In the party, which promotes the ideas of democracy and national dialogue, is also concerned about the relatively low turnout according to the CEC, at the time the polls closed it was a little less than 50 percent. “We certainly wanted more, but by law the elections will be held, even if the vote is less than half of the voters. On the legitimacy of the Parliament is not affected. Affect the result of his work,” – said in an interview with DW, the Chairman of the party Dmitry Razumkov.

The coalition Zelensky and Vakarchuk?

During the presidential campaign of Vladimir Zelensky was most criticized for lack of specificity around its team and ways of implementation of future reforms. In the parliamentary elections his staff apparently decided to reform. On voting day, there are “panel discussions” with party candidates – they discuss defense and humanitarian policy, decentralization and economic regulation, reform the law enforcement system and parliamentarism. “This kind of prototypes of future parliamentary committees, which we want to create in the Verkhovna Rada”, – explains Alexander Kornienko.

During one of the debates, Dmitry Razumkov announces reform of public administration. Priorities “public Servants” – bills of impeachment of the President and the lifting of parliamentary immunity, reduction in the number of parliamentary committees, Union ministries, the introduction of the responsibility for absenteeism of deputies and “piano voting” (voting for absent colleagues).

However, it is unlikely the party will be able to implement these plans alone. According to exit polls, “public Servant” can garner 44.2 percent of the vote on party lists, which guarantees about 125-126 seats in Parliament. “A hundred places we would like to have in our constituencies,” says Alexander Kornienko without much conviction in his voice. In many troubled districts for the party has just begun counting the votes.

Party Zelensky, apparently, will have to find partners for a future coalition. The President of Ukraine, which after the vote comes out to celebrate his party with a victory, publicly offered by the partnership of the party “Voice” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. “We are ready to cooperate with all new policies and forces which are not tarnished its reputation,” explains a little later the position of head of state, Dmitry Razumkov. What about cooperation with the parties of the “European solidarity” or “Oppositional platform For life”? Their methods of election campaign, “make it unlikely”, says the Chairman of the “public Servants”.

Party Zelensky is already preparing for new elections?

At the headquarters of the “Servants of the people” has repeatedly called for early parliamentary elections “the third round of the presidential”, reinforcing their connection with large-scale upgrading of power, announced by Vladimir Zelensky. “Fourth tour”, apparently, should be elections to local councils. They are scheduled for October of next year, but the President’s representative in the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk said earlier about the possibility of early voting this fall.

It seems that within the party there is no consensus about the timing of the next “round”. “Upgrading the local authorities is all well and good, but I see no reason to hold local elections in September, when the current administrative division. First, we need to unite communities, to repeal the district administration, to expand the boundaries of self-government, and then to declare the elections”, explains DW Dmitry Nataluha, an expert on local government, which took 14th place in the list of “public Servants”.

Other party members, which DW was able to talk to staff off the record, admit that the experience in single-mandate constituencies showed what to look for worthy candidates of the new party is not easy, and to update local councils need more. Besides, the party in the coming months will be busy with other pressing matters – the formation of a coalition government. Dmitry Razumkov traditionally assured reporters that before the official results were positions in the Parliament and the Cabinet to divide the party will not.

"Третий тур": как в штабе "Слуги народа" приняли результаты выборов в Раду

"Третий тур": как в штабе "Слуги народа" приняли результаты выборов в Раду