The thorny path model US-1101 Vasilek

Тернистый путь модели НАМИ-1101 «Василек»

In the postwar years in the USSR there was the production of cars.

The task had to be solved in 1965 – was supposed to build the plant with production capacity of 500 000 vehicles annually.

A thorny issue was not construction of the factory buildings, and the selection of the production model on several criteria. Among the possible options were allocated only two:

  1. Buy the basic model under license from one of the European companies.
  2. Own engineering development.

Design own model US-1101 “cornflower” was conducted by a group of engineers under the leadership of B. M. Fitterman. Consideration of the draft took place at a separate meeting 18.03.1966 G. stakeholders were not only designers, but also potential suppliers.

Feature of US-1101 was the bodywork, which had no precise counterpart. Inspiration the designers harbored traces of the following models:

  • “half-universal” Autobianchi Primula;
  • The Renault 16.

Technically, the car was deemed solid. Among the innovative solutions were:

  • the pre-heater motor in the winter;
  • layout with front-wheel drive;
  • suspension type McPherson;
  • a disc brake;
  • large glass area with a good view.

But to release a new model was required to overcome significant challenges:

  1. To design a new production line. At the same time were required to create lots of new parts, components and assemblies.
  2. The volume of spare parts required to manufacture and to service stations. It was proposed to create a removable body parts to ensure the speed of repair.
  3. To reduce the high initial price, which was about 2 500 rubles.
  4. To start production of high-octane gasoline on a commercial scale.

Individual present at the meeting criticized the body of the car type “universal” because of its impracticality. It was considered unsafe to transport a canister of gasoline in the cabin. Not explored issues of heating and ventilation of the cabin.

The car has not found General support. Pre-production instance of cornflower blue for some time was tested at the Institute. Soviet drivers were long unknown car with front wheel drive. But the automotive industry was not able to find the national colors.

Тернистый путь модели НАМИ-1101 «Василек»

Тернистый путь модели НАМИ-1101 «Василек»

Тернистый путь модели НАМИ-1101 «Василек»

Тернистый путь модели НАМИ-1101 «Василек»