The thoughts of the main character, breaking the fourth wall and other methods of narrative Control

Мысли главной героини, разрушение четвертой стены и другие методы повествования Control

Game Informer is gradually transformed from stories about the gameplay Control to notes about the plot of the game. Last material of the publication was devoted to the main location of the Thriller, the Oldest House, and the new portion of the details reveals the methods of storytelling.

Remedy Entertainment will include art style action to the genre of New Weird. This genre offers a look at science fiction and fantasy, deviating from the canons and focusing on the quirkiness of what is happening. Says narrative designer Brooke Mags (Brooke Maggs), the team drew inspiration from the novel by Jeff vandermeer state (Jeff VanderMeer) “Annihilation”, TV series “Mr. Robot” and “Legion”and the movie “Inception”.

A big role in the narrative Control will play a VoiceOver of the main character Jesse Paden, voicing her thoughts. According to the developers, this will help to better reveal character, showing her isolation. However, the authors also tried to limit internal reflections Jesse, so wait for her thoughts about every minor event not worth it.

The creative Director of Remedy , Sam lake (Sam Lake) said that when speaking with other characters the players may be feeling that in the room there are three people: myself, Jesse, the one with whom she communicates, and her inner self, revealing the fact that the heroine is actually – sometimes contrary to the spoken word. Lake hinted that the game will sometimes break the fourth wall to gamers seemed like Jesse said directly to them.

In addition, the developers are trying to strike a balance between the mystery and gradual revelation of secrets. According to Mags, the New Weird genre needs constantly to generate interest in what is behind the metaphorical door. But, opening one door, the person inevitably finds her another, then a third, and so on – this creates a steady stream of mysteries.

Not less important role plays in action movie “LOR”. At the Oldest House scattered in various documents, audio and video recordings that shed light on local secrets, but leaves room for interpretation. The creators of the game acknowledge that their last creation, Quantum Break, was too much text.

The same applies to “live” rollers, which likes to flirt Remedy. The developers will not focus on a separate series, as it was in Quantum Break, instead a video with real actors can only be found directly in the game.

For example, one of the characters, Dr. Casper darling, can be seen in the short “live” episodes on the monitors around the Oldest House. He is played by Matthew Porretta (Matthew Porretta) – the actor, the voice of Alan Wake. Recorded by Dr. eccentric rollers help the current staff to survive the fight with otherworldly menace known as the Hissing.

In addition, live video will be flickering now deceased Director, office of Zachary trench that is associated with Jesse with the help of a ghostly apparition. His message, the authors note, it is quite difficult to understand, so you have to look for better ways to communicate. Lake suggests that in the Oldest Building you can find a “mysterious device” that will help to establish contact.

The release Control will be on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this summer. Other details about the game are looking for in our news.

Мысли главной героини, разрушение четвертой стены и другие методы повествования Control

Мысли главной героини, разрушение четвертой стены и другие методы повествования Control