The threat to democracy from social networks

Угроза демократии от соцсетей

The European Union is determined to protect the may elections to the European Parliament, an unprecedented electronic interference. Brussels is preparing to stop the spread of the Internet of misinformation about candidates and parties, false information about public opinion. American scholar of world wide web warns Europeans of trying to subvert democracy through social media:

“I think Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and to some extent Amazon, creating a real danger to our democracy because through these platforms spread the fake news,’ said Jonathan Taplin. – An even greater threat is artificial intelligence, which only begins to apply. Comes to the fact that nothing will be impossible to believe if we don’t find a way out of this situation”.

According to researchers from the University of southern California, called digital giants themselves vulnerable to attacks by hackers, who through them will quietly introduce people astray.

“I believe that, at least Facebook is making a real effort to start cleaning up its platform, he continued. – His team removed 30 thousands of fake accounts on the eve of the French elections. They supposedly removed nearly a million fake accounts in the United States in the last two months. And such efforts are only the beginning.”

While Jonathan Taplin believes that the development of the legislation on the inviolability of private data, the EU appears America is an example.

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