The three main enemy for the body paintwork of the car

Названы три главных врага для лакокрасочного покрытия кузова автомобиля

Every driver wants his car was beautiful, fresh and radiant. This is largely dependent on the condition of the paintwork, which is daily exposed to many harmful factors. Here are the most common of them.

Bird droppings and insects

Below the surface nothing sticks, it is necessary to process wax. Many drivers are intimidated by this prospect, because the process is quite laborious and time consuming. However, once you create an additional layer of protection, then to “receive dividends” because the subsequent removal of the persistent spots will take much less time and effort. For even greater and long-lasting protection there is a ceramic coating.

Remember that some insects – such as the may beetles can excrete fluid, which penetrates not only through the hard wax, but through the paint and primer down to metal. If you notice these spots (usually on the bonnet, roof and horizontal lids of the trunk), take action as soon as possible to prevent corrosion. The right cure for this old Ivory soap, namely, stearic acid, a part of it. Treat with soap and a damp cloth, then wipe the stains on the car. Before off, hold the solution on the back of a few minutes.

Metal dust

It is not necessary to go along the railway tracks to get the “dose” is quite a drive on city roads, especially through intersections. Instead of asbestos in the construction of brake lining manufacturers increasingly use more metal content. Dust showered with brake pads and sticks to the metal sheets. On the white cars it looks like blotches of rust.

Metal dust quickly eats into the paint and to remove it requires a special chemical treatment. However, the chemicals, if improperly applied will further damage the paint. However, there is much more simple alternative, known as a “glue eraser”. We are talking about special rubber cushion, which is mounted on the drill. The tool is designed mainly for removal of adhesive residues after removing the plates and other decorative elements; it will remove stains from dust. Suggest to use it at low revs – so the risk of overheating less, and stains are easily removed.

Tree SAP

The composition of these syrups usually do not harm the paint but stains unsightly, besides they stick more dust and other microparticles. Stains from juice is easy to remove with solvent, but there are more environmentally friendly method is steam tube, which collect dust in the closet. With its help anyone, even a persistent substance is converted into mass, which easily wipe away with a paper towel or microfiber cloth.