The three signs of the Zodiac are incredibly intuitive

У этих трех знаков Зодиака невероятно развита интуиция

The three water signs that are equidistant from one another in the zodiac circle, there is no need to rely on logic. Representatives of these signs can anticipate and avoid blows, using and improving your intuition.


Pisces, the sign with the delicate mental organization, you’ll be powerful and even mystical intuition. They often act as if fate is whispering in their ear. Due to this feature of a man-Fish can easily acquire useful contacts, though, and pretty funny about life, if you do not know that with their knowledge to do.

As for the female Fish, their level of intuition is so high that people even suspect them of clairvoyance.


Well-developed intuition and Scorpions. But, unlike Fish, their “sixth sense” is very practical. “I just know” is the main phrase of the Scorpion. All my premonitions representatives of this sign turn in their favor.

Scorpion woman, for example, after a first date can tell whether she has a future with this man; she can predict other people’s words and deeds. The male Scorpio is also unlikely to be mistaken in predicting events. It often happens that a Scorpio says something in jest, but soon his words come true, so often you listen to them.

Cancer and, in principle, the sign is unusual, as it is prone to mysticism. Representatives of the first watermark congenital empaths who feel someone else’s soul, from what are good friends and companions.

Female Crayfish often act as “vest”, as not only can listen but also give advice that seemed to derive from the very soul of the Universe. This feature is easy to wrap in the other direction – the Cancer is able to discern the underlying motives and to reveal any hypocrisy.