The Times: MI5 ignored warnings about Putin’s threat

The Times: MI5 игнорировала предупреждения о путинской угрозе

“The British intelligence service has repeatedly ignored the warnings of the Russian dissidents about the threat from Moscow, said the last surviving representative of a group of businessmen opposed to President Putin,” reports The Times.

“Yuli Dubov said that he and other Russians in the UK called МІ5 to devote more resources to the Kremlin. 72-year-old Oaks was one of the four exiles, who gave sworn testimony about corruption in Russia. The other three died under suspicious circumstances”, – the newspaper reminds.

“According to Dubov, MI5 made “a huge mistake”, not giving more attention to Russia. Only recently, he added, the UK has started to realize “big threat” posed by Putin.

Oaks, according to The Times, welcomed the announcement made last week, a report on Russia, but noted that it came too late, adding that intervention in the elections is likely to presage new acts of aggression. “It was a huge mistake to treat Putin’s Russia as a civilized state, he said. He will do whatever you want.”

“The oaks was a friend and business partner Boris Berezovsky. They were given asylum in 2003, when the Kremlin sought their extradition. Despite several alleged attempts on Berezovsky in London, none of them got security on the part of MI5, said the Oaks”.

The newspaper reminds that in 2008, Badri Patarkatsishvili collapsed and died at his estate in Surrey at the age of 52 years. Berezovsky was found hanged at his home in 2013, and the death of Nikolai Glushkov, who was found dead by his daughter at his home in South-West London in 2018, British police are still investigating.