The Times: the Humiliated Russian mercenaries beat a retreat from Tripoli

The Times: Униженные российские наемники поспешно отступают из Триполи

The Russian elite mercenary corps, a group of Wagner, was forced to a humiliating retreat, which was a victory for competing military enterprises of Turkey in Libya, reports The Times.

The video was filmed by hundreds of people who were going to the South of the capital Tripoli, towards the town of Bani Walid after their local allies announced the retreat from a number of fronts. Then they reportedly moved to the base camp, taking with them the artillery and other heavy weapons.

“The group, led by Evgeny Prigozhin, a close ally of President Putin, has played a key role in the Syrian civil war, and then was sent to support the rebel Libyan national army (LNA) Khalifa Haftorah, Russian-backed former officer of the army of the regime of Colonel Gaddafi. In December, Turkey came to the aid of the UN recognized the Government of national unity (GNA) with military drones and private mercenaries -the Syrian rebels-the veterans of the civil war in Syria,” – the newspaper reminds.

“The weekend passing on some of their last strongholds in the South of Tripoli, the military of the group of Wagner proceeded to retreat through the desert that was captured on video. It was unclear what further role they will play in combat. As mentioned in the UN report last week, the LDF was trying to negotiate with the second mercenary structure, which is managed by South African businessman, but it also left Tripoli after the split with Marshal Haftarot”, – stated in the article.

“Putin is trying to organize peace talks in Moscow in January, which would be a symbol of his new role as an influential power in the middle East, but Marshal Haftar left them. Since then, there have been reports that Putin is sounding out potential competitors, including Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of the former dictator. Last week, Russia has also renewed calls for the ceasefire,” reports The Times.

“The arrival of a group of Wagner helped the offensive of the Libyan national army in Tripoli in April of last year, and for some time it seemed that it might be successful. However, in the southern suburbs formed a new and relatively static front until the Turkish intervention in late December,” writes the newspaper.

“Media supporting the GNA, said that 1,500 fighters of Wagner fled to Bani Walid, taking with them the artillery and other heavy weapons. A press-the Secretary of the army GNA Mohammed Gununu said they left three military camps in the southern part of Tripoli and in the suburb of Salaheddin. According to reports, GNA is preparing an offensive on the Tarragon, the last stronghold of the LNA in the West of Libya, after last week fell a military base “al-Vatiya” West of Tripoli. During the battle, there is the Turkish drones were destroyed, at least seven Russian anti-aircraft battery “Shell” that has become an embarrassment for Moscow, which sells this system in countries around the world,” according to The Times.