“The tip of the iceberg” and “the donut hole”. Giuliani and the representative Biden commented, “the film Derkach”

"Верхушка айсберга" и "дырка от бублика". Джулиани и представитель Байдена прокомментировали "пленки Деркача"

The lawyer of the President of the United States Donald trump Rudy Giuliani called the “tip of the iceberg” fragments of the records of the negotiations that on may 19, announced in Kiev, the independent Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Derkach.

In comments to The Washington Post Giuliani urged to pay attention to the conversations the former Vice President of the USA Joe Biden and the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. According to the lawyer, Biden used his high office for personal gain.

Giuliani did not answer the question, whether he knew about “the film Dr.” before their promulgation. In addition, the records never mentioned Burisma and Biden’s son hunter. Trump’s lawyer has repeatedly said that the former Vice President in 2016, demanded the withdrawal of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin to achieve the termination of the investigation Burisma.

In the campaign of Biden, who is running for President from the Democratic party, believe that the appearance of the records is Russia. The Kremlin-controlled propaganda network RT has been actively promoting the content of films and Derkach closely connected with Russia, noted in the ex-Vice President.

The representative Biden Andrew Bates told The Washington Post that the records were subjected to heavy editing, but even so, they are “nothing more than the donut hole”.

Derkach has published record of conversation Poroshenko and Biden may 19. The MP, among other things, argued that the fifth President of Ukraine have raised tariffs by 100% in order to receive $1 billion of state guarantees from the United States. Derkach also said that in 2016, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry “along with Biden insisted on the dismissal of the Prosecutor General Shokina, which investigated the case Burisma and eventually went to [father and son] Biden”. According to the Deputy, he received records from investigative journalists, which said that Poroshenko himself has reportedly recorded the conversation.

The attorney General’s office brought data in the Unified register of pretrial investigations on the fact of publication of audio recordings. The criminal proceedings initiated under part 1 of article 111 (high treason) and part 2 St. 364 (abuse of power or official position) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Poroshenko did not rule out that the publication of fragments of his conversations with Biden involved in the President’s Office, and the main target customers of the scandal – the breakdown of relations between Ukraine and the United States.

The conflict between Biden and Shokin continues in 2016. So, Biden admitted that in 2016, demanding the resignation of Shokin, otherwise Washington would provide loan guarantees to Kiev for $1 billion.

Successor Shokin for post of Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko hinted that the resignation Shokin was tied to criminal proceedings, in which appeared the son of Joe Biden hunter.

This case involved the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine; it contained materials that the members of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian company Burisma, including hunter Biden received a $17 million, the origin of which was doubtful. Biden said that not even “little evidence” that his son, working in Burisma, committed some kind of offense.