The tires of the sports prototype Porsche 919 Hybrid allowed for vinyl records

Покрышки спортпрототипа Porsche 919 Hybrid пустили на виниловые пластинки

The last set of tires limanowskiego sportative Porsche 919 Hybrid was used to generate 200 vinyl records. Each of them has recorded 24 stories about the participation of Porsche “24 hours of Le Mans” and at the end of this month will put on a charity auction.

Original racing slicks first cut, then crushed and pressed to vinyl. On one side of the plate caused the sound grooves, the other surface was left untouched, like a real tyre. Their stories about “Le Mans” special edition of the 24 Minutes of Le Mans shared Wolfgang Porsche, Chad McQueen, and a two-time winner of marathon Hans-Joachim Pieces.

24 Feb all 200 copies will be sold at a charity auction. Proceeds from the sale of records means Porsche will give the French organization Loisirs Pluriel, which helps disabled children.

In 2017, Porsche celebrated its 19th victory in the “24 hours of Le Mans.” Participation in the marathon, the team finished with three wins in a row – 919 Hybrid was fastest in 2015, 2016 and 2017. After his sports career, the hybrid has set an absolute record of the Nurburgring track in 5 minutes 19,546 seconds.