The top 5 traditions of the Royal family who broke the pregnant Meghan Markle

Топ-5 традиций королевской семьи, которые нарушила беременная Меган Маркл

Is not allowed to anyone else

To become a full member of the Royal family, Meghan Markle decided to ground the major changes: gave up my career changed faith, “redrawn” style, trained needs manners, forgot about meetings with friends, social gatherings, social networks… But when it came to pregnancy and child, the Duchess of Sussex decided to defend personal boundaries and do things that are clearly at odds with the traditions of the Royal family. By the way, Prince Harry is her only support. Study the most obvious “violations”.

Held a party baby shower

The “secret” baby shower, Megan Markle held in new York in late February, was perhaps the most discussed in history. Even more interest in her is fueled by the fact that this is the first such event in the Royal family. This purely American tradition, where in the UK do not follow. Perhaps because it was attended by mostly close friends Megan, among them Serena Williams and Amal Clooney.

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Refused to show the baby

Kate Middleton, following the tradition set by Princess Diana, showed all three children the next day after birth. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided not to inform the world about the appearance of the child and to do it within a few days after the happy event – arranging a festive photo shoot. So expect to see Megan on the steps of St Mary’s hospital is not worth it. By the way, the date of the birth of the baby they are also kept secret.

Took a risk to health

When Kensington Palace confirmed the news of the pregnancy of Megan, they with the Prince was in the official tour. And they had a chance to visit the territory, which was attended by the zika virus, which can cause defects in newborns. But representatives of the famous family were quick to reassure the public: Markle previously consulted with doctors, and they with the kid threatens nothing.

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Been overly active

Meghan Markle became involved in official events and social outlets literally from the first day of marriage. And after the announcement of the position of the Duchess, the situation has not changed. Even on the contrary – it became even more active. On the 7th month of pregnancy, when it is necessary to observe special precautions, Megan together with her husband went to Morocco.

Left the Palace

About what they are going to leave Kensigton Palace, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry said in November last year. And in early April a long-awaited move took place. Now the couple live in Frogmore cottage, and the Palace will have their office. They were the first Royal personages who managed to obtain the consent of the Queen to live separately.

Топ-5 традиций королевской семьи, которые нарушила беременная Меган Маркл

Топ-5 традиций королевской семьи, которые нарушила беременная Меган Маркл

Топ-5 традиций королевской семьи, которые нарушила беременная Меган Маркл