The total number of infected in the world has reached 67 of 100, died 1526, recovered 8141

Общее количество зараженных в мире достигло 67 100, умерли 1526, выздоровели 8141

At the beginning of the day on Saturday, February 15, China announced 2641 new confirmed cases and 849 new severe cases. In total, more died of 143. The total number of deaths from the coronavirus in China amounted to 1523 people. Three people died outside of mainland China.

The total number of infected in the world has reached 67 of 100, while outside China – more than 500 people; died 1526, recovered 8141.

Chinese doctors have reported that are under suspicion 2277 new cases and 18 percent of all confirmed cases are serious, people are in serious condition. While 107 of the deaths recorded for the day occurred in the city of Wuhan, reports the daily post newspaper South China Morning Post.

Vmieste the same time, hospitals of China have registered 30-39% of cases of recovery.

In cities where there are suspicions on a virus, opened the so-called medical shelters – for patients with mild symptoms and people with suspected infection. They account for almost 7 thousand patients, more than 5.5 thousand of which are already occupied. It is believed that their presence will help to save beds for heavy patients in hospitals. For such cases, provided 5 thousand beds.

The Chinese authorities also had to respond to public protests related to the death of ophthalmologist Whether Ventalina, who is considered the first who reported about the virus. Then the authorities did not believe him and even prosecuted. Now, when the doctor died, they began to be proud of.

At this point in the foci of infection has 25 033 medical specialist, all from China. Primarily, it is the military doctors and staff of the military medical groups.

The changes of diagnostic criteria, which began to apply from Thursday, February 13, resulted in the increase in infected 10-fold, but increased the diagnostic accuracy.

In addition, China began to pay attention to the bills. In order to avoid the spread of the virus via cash, they are processed by ultraviolet light. In many cases, if possible, cash is taken out of circulation.