The traffic police has proposed to mitigate the punishment for the first violation of traffic rules

ГИБДД предложили смягчить наказания за первое нарушение ПДД

The basic idea is that drivers will be able to choose a sanction for yourself.

The Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov suggested that the head of traffic police Michael czernikowo to provide drivers, for the first time violated traffic rules, the opportunity to choose the punishment.

“We can confidently say that our country makes a breakthrough in the development of modern systems of road safety. Meanwhile, in the system of punishment of violators of traffic rules, there are aging and outdated approach, unfriendly to motorists,” – said in a letter to Petrov in the name Chernikova, a copy is available to RIA Novosti.

Petrov writes that in determining the degree of punishment for violation of traffic rules, the inspector of police, as a rule, appoints the offender the maximum punishment, which is then confirmed by the court. So, if the driver drove into oncoming traffic, according to traffic rules, he must pay a large fine or losing the right to drive a car for a few months.

“In the analysis of similar offenses in the overwhelming number of cases the inspector chooses for the offender disenfranchisement, and not a penalty, even if its violation in a particular situation did not pose a danger to other people,” – said the Deputy of the Leningrad region.

In his opinion, for the part of motorists who violated traffic rules, it is possible to establish a more liberal practices of imposing sanctions: “first violated, and disciplined drivers who have unpaid fines, car taxes and other debts, should have the right to select the measure of its own punishment.”

“If the punishment for the violation allows for a fine or deprivation of rights, the driver has to determine how he will answer for his misconduct to the state. This measure will allow to increase motivation of the army in time of motorists to pay fines and taxes, and contribute to improving social well-being of a vast proportion of our population. I ask you to consider this initiative and to give her a proper expert opinion”, – the statement says.

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