The traffic police revoked the registration of nearly half a million cars

ГИБДД аннулировала регистрацию почти полумиллиона автомобилей

Traffic police stopped the registration of more than 460 thousand vehicles listed for deceased owners. About it reported in head Department on safety of traffic of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia on results of monitoring of regional subdivisions of the legislation on registration of vehicles

As the portal Drom, GAI decided a more strict approach to the cancellation of the registration of vehicles whose owners died in March 2020. This became possible due to the interaction of the state and the Federal tax service (FNS), to provide data on deceased car owners.

The reason for the tightening was the accident in Moscow on Butyrskaya street in which a man died. As it turned out, the owner of the machine had more than 650 in fines. It turned out that the owner, who discharged all these penalties, long dead. The real driver never has to pay for and went as pleased. Now in situations where the owner is no longer alive, the vehicle’s registration will be cancelled, the driver will be fined, rooms will be removed and the car sent to the impound lot. Cancellation of registration will be made without notice to the heirs.